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***Thank you for checking the draw online. If you have any issues please call us on call back day, which is every Wednesday after Rodeo Entries on Mondays. Please call between 8:30AM - 1:30PM. Know that we try our very best to work with the preferences given while at the same time putting on a great rodeo. Thank you for your support. LRA OFFICE.***



**BARREL RACERS DUTIES*** the last 2 Ladies and the last Junior Barrel Racers are responsible to check the markers with the judge an hour before the performance. Judges will set-up and take down electronic timers for all performances and slacks. Except the last performance.  The first two ladies barrel racers of the last performance are responsible for taking down and returning timers and barrel covers to the rodeo office. 

If you have a conflict please email 


Contestants, please remember that as an association, our job is to put together a program for the committees. For example, if we have 40 out of 50 contestants in a single event, all ask for the same performance, this is not possible. We need to break up that number to fill all of the spots in the rodeo performances. Please understand that we simply can not give everyone their first preference. We are doing our best to help the committees put on the best rodeo for their community. Thank you for your understanding. --

**CALLBACKS**    Please EMAIL any issues you may have with the draw.

If you call please be patient the phone lines are very busy on call back day.  

TRADES:  If you are looking for a trade please email us and we will add you to the list.  

Kikino Draw

Kikino Offiical

Tofield Draw

Tofield Official

Goodfish Lake Draw

Goodfish Lake Official

Smoky Lake Draw


Smoky Lake Official

Hardisty Draw

Hardisty official

Castor Draw


Castor Official 

Lamont Draw

Lamont Official

Stoney Lake Draw

Stoney Lake Official

Hairy Hill Draw

Hairy Hill Official

Gooseberry Draw


Gooseberry Official

Killam Draw

Killam official Results

Saddle Lake Draw

Saddle Lake Official

Cloverlodge Draw 

Cloverlodge Official Results

Wetaskiwin Draw

Wetaskiwin official Results

Cadogan Draw

Cadogan Official Results

St Albert Draw

St Albert Results

St. Paul Draw  2022

St. Paul Results

St. Paul Draw  2021

St. Paul Results 2021

Kikino Draw

Kikino Results

Tofield Draw

Tofield Results

Cloverlodge Draw

Hardisty Draw 

Cloverlodge Results

Hardisty Results

Onion Lake Draw 

Onion Lake Results

Castor Draw

Castor Official Results

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