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Lakeland Rodeo Association Rulebook
(updated August 15th, 2022)

New Rules 

April 5th

Any rodeos with 5 or less in a performance in the Steer Wrestling, the contestant will have the option of entering twice.


May 3rd




Contractors must provide suitable stock for the novice horse riding and junior bull riding.  (Ex No chute fighting, no 1st timers, and no stock to strong for the contestants) Should LRA board decided stock is inappropriate the stock contractors will be fined $500.00. 

Stock contractors must supply number brands when submitting stock list to the office

If any of the above rules are broken the stock contractor could accrue a fine up to $500 a the discretion of the board of directors.  ( May 3rd, 2022)

July 13th

Ladies and Junior Breakaway will be ran with an open gate. 

The rope must breakaway from the saddle horn before the calf enters the catch pen.  If it does not it was result in a No time.

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